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School Bullies
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The kid who shot his school principle in Wisconsin 2 weeks ago said he was picked on at the school. All the past school shootings that I remember had something to do with school bullying. I know the shooters are the ones who pull the trigger, but the bullies should bear half of the responsiblities.

In the 2003 Rocori High School shooting in Minnesota, the school bully Seth Bartell was killed by the kid whom he picked on (Guess who is Mr. Tough Guy now). Bartell's mom insisted that her son never bullied anyone. Hello? Why did the shooter go after him then? This may sound very insensitive, but I have absolutely no sympathy for this bully punk and his parents. Killing the punk was a bit extreme, but what alternatives did the bullied kids have?

Now another shool-gun incident took place this morining in Missouri:


A 13-year-old student wearing a mask and a long, black trenchcoat fired an AK-47 into the ceiling at his school Monday morning after confronting a pair of students and administrators, telling them “please don’t make me do this,” officials said.

No one was injured, and the boy, who police said was following a well thought-out plan, was taken into custody.

The seventh-grader pointed the gun at the two students, Principal Steve Gilbreth and Assistant Superintendent Steve Doerr, telling them “not to make me do this,” said Superintendent Jim Simpson.

He then fired the shot into the ceiling, breaking a water pipe, and said again “Please don’t make me do this,” Simpson said.

Doerr and Gilbreth persuaded the youth to leave the building, and he was confronted by two police officers who had their weapons drawn. The student dropped the rifle and was taken into custody, Simpson said.

If the school bullies and school officials don't get the message, incidents like this will become our new daily routine. We will be used to school shootings like we are used to killings in city's bad neighborhood.

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