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Going to war for oil?
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A lot of people have accued Bush of going to war for oil. Does this accusation hold any ground? If it does, you should accuse FDR of fighting Hitler for German beer. It may sound funny, but sadly it is the only logical comparison. Before the war, the gas price wasn't $3. Bush did NOT go to the war to lower the gas price. Even if the gas price is $5 or $10, it is not worth going to war. People can handle that kind of price and will find a solution. You don't have to believe me for that. Just look up the gas prices in Europe and see what prices they pay over there. Bush has been saying that 9/11 changed his viewpoint and he started seeing things differently. Now we know Sadam didn't have WMD, but what if he did. Do you want to wait to see a mushroom cloud over the skies of NYC as the proof?

Take a look of American history and see what the opposition said about FDR before he took the country to WWII. Those who opposed the war claimed FDR had the intel of the Pearl Harbor attack, but failed to act on it so that he could use the attack as the reason for declaring war. Now over 60 years after we won the war, both you and I know FDR made the right call. We did suffer huge casaulties, but America came out strong and became a super power. If you have any doubt, here a hint: Hello, you are reading English, not German or Japanese here!

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