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Duke Rape Case or Non-Case
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Post Duke Rape Case or Non-Case 

Anyone watched the "60 Minutes" yesterday? It had a lengthy interview with all 3 Duke lacrosse players who were charged of raping a black woman at a party. All 3 players are white. The case was hyped by the media because the story had racism, sex and rich kids. The bottom line is: no DNA evidence of these players' involvement, bad police work and a prosecutor who wanted to cover his own ass.

Setting aside the lack of DNA evidence, the case was seriously flawed according to a Duke law professor who happens to be black. 2 of the accused had strong evidence showing that they were not at the house when the alleged rape took place, but the prosecutor refused to even talk with them or see the evidence. The prosecutor, who is white, seems to have motives other than bringing justice. He is running for re-election and needs the black votes. So, this seems like a perfect opportunity to have the black community behind him. Oh well, stay tuned.

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