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Celebrity-Obessed News Report
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If a movie stunt man got killed while doing a dangerous stunt for "Spiderman 3", would that make to the top news story on NBC's evening news? If the answer is "No", then why did the death of the stunt man for the documentary film called "Ocean's Deadliest" make to the very top news story during tonight's NBC's evening news? That stunt man happened to be Steve Irwin.

Steve Irwin was a clown and he did all the stupidly dangerous stunts for the money and fame. Of course, someone can give me some b.s. about his love of animals. Yeah right, he loved those animals so much that he was willing to feed his one-month-old son to them. The only reason he fed those crocodiles while holding his son was to be on the news headline again. He did then, and he did it again now.

The sad part of the NBC's evening news was that only after nearly 8 minutes of Steve Irwin, the attention was paid to the 40 Iraqis and the 6 US troops killed during the last 2 days. What a shame!

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Celebrity news is hardly news (so to speak). Even at a local level, newscasts are dominated by stories about celebrities. That's what sells. It's unfortunate, but true. And selling is the name of the game after all. Nobody wants to hear the same old news from Iraq night after night. Or rather, some people want to hear it, but they are the minority. Most people just want the latest watercooler dishing. I don't think there's any going back to real news coverage from where we are now. Pop culture "news" has infected every part of the newsmedia.

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Post Pop Culture over run 

Just got out of a meeting where the pop culture references and celebrity crap was dished around like we were an episode of 'Best Week Ever'. Do I work at Mtv? No. Am I a tween or teen? No. I work in defense work, a leading intelligence firm, with people who are middle age. Sure there wre a few newbies to the workplace in there, but the fact that the Care Bears stare was brought up no less than two times in 45 minutes is frightening. Somehow this type of drivel makes it's way into being ok mainstream business meeting talk. This celebrity addict world we live in is just another way we are dumbing down.

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