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Royalty of America
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I take exception to the huge amount of time spend glorifying all things conservative and Republican and vilifying all things liberal and Democratic. Can we please start to see people and not political affiliations?

I work with an almost completely conservative office. Everyone gives to their church or to church sponsored charities. They look at anything of a different religion as "quaint" at best and horribly immoral at worst. Their attitude of kind condenscention towards anyone not tithing and making over $100,000 a year annoys me to no end, especially when they view that those with wealth and/ or power are automatically better people deserving better treatment than the Average Joe.

What I see happening these days in our country is that wealth confers a king of "nobility" to those who hold it. The rich are seen as better, smarter, and more deserving of a second chance, the benefit of the doubt, tax breaks, preferential treatment, ad nauseum. We're backsliding towards what our founding fathers fled their homelands to escape. America abhorred the idea of a monarchy and God Given leader status in it's government but now we are inviting that same attitude back slowly, piece by piece with our actions and our apathy.

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