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New Terrorists in America
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I think we, as Americans have failed to acknowledge our own "in house" terrorists, and it appears that Minnesota has their fair share. Instead of belonging to Al Qaeda, or Hamas, or the PLO, the new terrorists in the US belong to the Crips, the Gangster Disciples, the Latin Kings, etc.
Street Gangs, from Hmong to Latino, to Caucasian and African American and Native American groups have become the new homemade terrorists of our country and we refuse to acknowledge them for their true form.

Terrorists make no bones about their goals. They aim to disrupt society, gain control, and kill, main or injure anyone in their way. I see no difference between our own street gangs and Al Qaeda except religion, and location. Both groups are very well funded. Both groups kill without any regard to civilians. Both groups view anyone oustide their groups as targets.

The problem is, most gang members are US citizens and cannot be treated as they deserve.

The way I see it, gangs in the Twin Cities, and around the country are feral humans. They are devolving into marauding bands of barely civilized thugs striving to expand their influence at any cost. The most recent example: The shooting of a motorist on I-94 in Minneapolis. His offense? He laughed when a gang member in another car flashed a gang hand signal. The gang member felt he'd been disrespected, so he shot the motorist.

Since when did behaving like a rabid dog earn you respect? Gang members deserve our ridicule for being so spinless that they can only be tough guys (and gals) in large groups, or behind a gun. They kill sloppily, seldom bothering to aim but rather spraying bullets everywhere in the hopes that they'll hit someone...and just might kill the person they want to kill.

How pathetic.

If we lock up suspected terrorists and their supposed supporters without access to legal counsel for indefinite time periods, perhaps we should look at doing this with known gang members to better destroy those "cells".

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