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Darwin, Popeye & Dirty Spinach
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I'm Popeye the Sailor Man
I'm Popeye the Sailor Man
Now I am finished
'Cause I ate my spinach
I'm Popeye the Sailor Man.

Spinach about killed me in fourth grade. A mean teacher made me eat some before I could go to recess. It was boiled, a green musilaginous mass. Well, I had my priorities. I downed the slime, gagged and choked. Whined a lot. Just barely survived. And went immediately to risk my life at dodgeball.

In the most unfortunate attachment of a business name to a panic, a California produce company, Natural Selection, has been fingered for distributing e. coli tainted spinach across the country. The bagged and ready to eat greens are suspected of infecting a Wisconsin woman who died, along with very sick people in 20 states. Not a nice way to work out "survival of the fittest."

This is serious. I haven't had e. coli, but years ago I had a bad case of salmonella and it's an experience I don't want to repeat, ever. But as usually happens in a food panic, tons of suspected and tons of unsuspected spinach are being dumpstered (guilt by media association).

Years back, when a Nebraska meat-packing plant produced some tainted ground beef, I computed the amount of beef which was, I suppose, buried in landfills. The hamburger patties would have covered ACRES of land.

It was so wasteful to just trash all that beef. JUST COOK IT THOROUGHLY. Same goes for the leafy greens; don't toss it, boil it to kill the e. coli. I like spinach now. I prefer it raw, in salads, but I also have learned to like cooked spinach with butter, salt and dill, or in quiche. And I'm a real man. My spinach comes from my garden; I don't like those pre-washed bags as I have never trusted other people to clean my food for me.

If people don't want to boil the spinach, they could leave it out in the garden for the rabbits. Maybe natural selection would take out a few. But then PETA would holler.

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