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Religion and politics don't mix
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It seems like polarization about religion has swept the country in even bigger ways than ever. Very rarely anymore do you hear someone saying that religion is just a grey area for them. Everyone seems to be of the opinion that religion is either a horrible scam or the only truth to be found in the world. The answer lays somewhere in the middle. Religion can have a positive effect - like when it gives people strength to persevere. And it can have a negative effect - like when it clouds your judgement and makes you do things for a greater good that may or may not really exist. But talking like that seems (no pun intended) like sacrilege these days. Despite statements to the contrary, much of the American government seems to want to cast Islam in a dark role while promoting Christianity. Our own president claims to be a very religious person. But why does religion have anything to do with policy? It ridiculous to think that there are choices being made for how the country conducts itself - both at home and in the world - are being made based on the council of people who believe in what amounts to magic. Religion can be a very positive thing, but it needs to be kept out of policy.

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