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Mel Gibson Shouldn't Have Apologized
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Post Mel Gibson Shouldn't Have Apologized 

I won't rehash the sorry tale of Mel Gibson's drunken tirade against Jews. I'm unhappy with him . . . for apologizing!

Alcohol reduces inhibitions but it does not make people creative, or clever. When Gibson launched on Jews, it had to come from somewhere. This is a Catholic working in an industry where Jews have power far beyond their numbers. Remember, he was excoriated by Jews and subservient Gentiles for scenes they found offensive in The Passion of the Christ. He changed some scenes, but we can only guess at the pressure that was exerted on Gibson, if we read the hyper-critical comments that continue on Jewish websites.

Gibson should indeed have apologized to the arresting police. He was a pig. He should apologize to God, to his wife and children, to his fans. Especially for hanging out in bars with women he is not married to.

But he shouldn't have apologized to the Jewish Community. Because they have never apologized to him.

And when are Jews in Hollywood going to apologize to Christians for the unending stream of movies, sitcoms and other "entertainment" that makes Christians look like buffoons, idiots, racists, rednecks? When will a Jewish actor get in trouble for profaning the name of Jesus Christ? Or apologize? Hmmm? I'm not holding my breath for those.

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Post Insults and apologies 

Could you please give an example of a Jewish actor profaning the name of Jesus Christ?

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As a witty, but incredibly adamant drunk, I can say that alcohol (especially if you're good at consuming it) will NOT cause you to say such dumbass things, especially to a swine. I usually have nothing but contempt in my heart for a lot of things, but when off my rocker and on the rocks I don't go around spewing the poison in my liver out of my mouth.

As far as him apologizing, I don't think he should have. How do we know that he was spewing anti-Semitic comments? The media is as twisted as the "telephone" game anyway, I'm not going to trust what they say 100%. And as far as the drunk driving part of it, screw it, lots of people go to jail once or twice in their lives for drunk driving, he held out long enough, it's not a big deal. There is no need to apologize for being drunk and disorderly... that's the whole point.

Look, I don't care what Jewish, gentile or militant Muslims across the world may think of Mel Gibson and The Passion of the Christ (which made more money than any other movie he did) when Lethal Weapon or Conspiracy Theory come on the T.V, they'll watch it. And Mr. Mel will be laughing drunkenly all the way to the bank in his new car...again.


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