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A New Black Darling of the National Press
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Post A New Black Darling of the National Press 

You'd think that Minnesotan Keith Ellison was the Second Coming . . . at least of Martin Luther King, after he handily won the 5th Congressional District Democratic Primary, which entails mostly urban voters in the heart of the Twin Cities. It's a district that favors Dems, but it's only a primary win, and he faces a Republican in November.

But his win is making national news: first black congressman from Minnesota, first Muslim in Congress (He's not an Arab, he is an African American Muslim), blahdeblahdeblah. Again, the newsheads are acting like he's already won, which is patently unfair to his Republican opponent. Ellison's kind of fun to listen to, but he's got vulnerabilities: overdue parking tickets, late campaign finance reports and unpaid taxes. Not much national mention of those problems; local stuff, ya know. (Though a black NPR reporter did pin him down on his past links to Nation of Islam's Louis Farrakhan. She also asked about his unpaid parking tickets--which caused the loss of his drivers license.)

Intitially, though, the media seem to be showing a taste of the same kind of joyous conniptions they were having when Barak Obama was elected to the Senate from Illinois.

Ellison is a typical liberal dem--favoring homesexual marriage, abortion, gun control, more federal spending, and universal single payer healthcare. He creamed a woman who ran TV ads telling of all the deaths in her family, including the depression suicide of a brother-in-law, and how that moved her to favor universal healthcare. Don't know if that backfired on her or not. But Ellison's TV ad plan must have worked for him: he didn't buy ANY TV advertising.

Well, at least the former congressman from Maryland, Queasy 'n Fuming (Kweisi Mfume) lost in his bid for the U.S. Senate. He was a media darling for awhile, but I'm not sure what brought him down. Wonder how long until Ellison falls from grace.

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Ellison's got my vote, yessirree Bob. Very Happy

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