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Arghh. I agree with Bill Clinton
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Post Arghh. I agree with Bill Clinton 

Bill Clinton, interviewed on NPR this morning (Sept 21), said that there are three problems with torture.
1) You get poor information.
2) The person tortured will tell you whatever you want to hear so you don't "beat the living daylights out of him.
3) It makes it more likely that our people will be tortured.

The moral debate aside, these are very practical points. In fact, one expert says that after the torture and abuse of inmates at Abu Gharib prison was exposed, the beheadings started.

Bill Clinton looks better every day. And Bush looks worse.

The most transparent act of idiocy by Bush is the proposal he sent to Capitol Hill asking Congress to legalize the illegal policies his administration has been applying to prisoners. Fortunately, some prominent Republicans, including John McCain, haven't been buying it.

Well, the Pope is backpedaling from his comments about Islam, saying he has "great respect" for it. Bush is saying the same. Muslims, to show how peaceful they are have been calling for the death of the pope, and political cartoonists are having a field day.

When Bush was making his anti-terror speech circus two weeks ago, he said that suspected terrorists detained at Guantanamo "will have access to the same food, clothing, medical care, and opportunities for worship as other detainees."

That makes a lot of sense. Radical Islam is at the root of these terrorists' belief system. And Bush promises to give them access to that system. So, we can isolate detainees, abuse them, lie to them, but let them worship and find more justification in the Koran for their jihad.

Like I said, Clinton is looking better every day. And that bodes ill for the nation.

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