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The Sun Sets on Humanity
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This is just a rant with no real research other than my personal opinion.

Im not a tree hugger really a pacifist at all but...

We've pretty much trashed the planet and each other, I think its a little beyond fixing. Al Gore does his little documentary to win the hearts of various people, George W. wages wars against the jihadist. Humanity is definately on its way out, I dont think its going to be one or the other that causes it rather just a bunch of little things at once. The United States has stood firm for quite some time but all great empires eventually falter, Im not saying its anyone person at the helm. Just human nature. As a matter of fact I believe it's human nature that brings upon this idea that our end is fairly near. People run around with their ideals screaming ranting and raving and forget to sit down and have a drink. Slow things down, we're moving way too fast. My ex girlfriend got me invovled in her little political events for a short time and I laughed the entire time. She used to say if we banded together and screamed and hollered our voices would be heard and things would change. This is utter madness in my book, the time I spent with her flew by in a gust of worry and confusion. I find when I sit down for a glass of malibu/coke and a cigarette 5mins can be a life time. Im not promoting smoking or drinking but perhaps humanity as a whole needs to relax for 5 minutes.

Capitolisim will be there in the morning people. Relax and try not to kill yourselves for a piece of the pie.

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what's funny is the amount of ignorance most americans live under. america is not even half a century old, and yet our officials feel qualified to rule the world. no wonder our sh*t's *Bleep*. i wholeheartedly agree with the 5 min of relaxation a day. but with the amount of energy used to keep up with finances alone, who really takes the time?

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