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Democrat Takes a beating; Republican Dodges Bullets
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Post Democrat Takes a beating; Republican Dodges Bullets 

Being idealistic can get you killed. Or at least beaten up.

In Minneapolis, a Democratic state house candidate was attacked in broad daylight while campaigning in a dangerous neighborhood "of color" (my term).The beating left him with a broken nose and concussion. A week later he returned to the neighborhood, the very day that a Republican state senate candidate had to dodge bullets while he was also campaigning there.

The Dem, one Michael Katch, has the Pollyannish attitude that dangerous youth can be "saved" by education and job opportunities. He wants taxpayer funded arts programs. He wants to "Find the next Picasso and Spielberg." Right.

This would-be politico with his head in the clouds believes "Allowing anything short of equal rights for our homosexual community is in itself a hate crime . ." and "In cases of rape and incest I believe that forcing a women to carry to term would be a crime in itself." These are the only references to crime on his website. Yet he wants to represent the most crime-ridden neighborhood in his state! And get this: the liberal said he will not pursue charges for the teenage attackers.

Of course this "Can't-we-all-just-get-along?" utopian indicts "racial profiling" by police. I'd lay 50-1 odds his attackers were black, but that wasn't reported. I'm surprised this victim even divulged that his attackers were teens, or males. Wouldn't that be "age profiling" or "gender profiling"? I'm guessing that Katch would have told the police if the attackers were Republicans.

What a contrast to the Republican, who was out with his wife, son and grandon, when bullets whizzed by. Candidate Jim Lilly said the area needs more police, and courts that keep criminals off the streets. Suspects were apprehended. I bet he won't refuse to pursue charges.

I wonder who the thugs will be voting for?

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