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Art of Happiness!
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It is not uncommon for religious leaders here to take every opportunity to preach their own religious beliefs. So far, I have seen only one exception. In his book, "The Art of Happiness", religious and spiritual leader Dalai Lama did not encourage his readers to adopt Buddhism to be happy. Instead, he strongly advocates the notion that we should set aside our differences in race, culture and religion. He starts his book by saying that we are all human beings. That alone should bring us together to treat each other as brothers and sisters. In his book, he did cite some Buddhism ideas, but not once, he tried make it sound like his religion is superior than ohters.

In the age where religion has been used to divide, instead of unite, people, Dalai Lamai's cross-race, cross-culture and cross-religion approach is a true breath of fresh air.

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That's a great book. Compassion and empathy as the basis for running your life, as opposed to strict adherance to arbitrary and illogical rules, definitions, and structures, is why Buddhism strikes me as the most agreeable and least dangerous religion.

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