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Screw TO
Who else hates TO?

I do 66% 66% ( 2 )
Not me. He rocks! 33% 33% ( 1 )

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Post Screw TO 

It's the kickoff to another NFL season which way too many fat old white guys who could never play football in the first place care about. I'm forced to watch this crap that takes precident over my baseball playoffs.

But, in Dallas, Terrell Owens is up to his old antics. He has a "serious" hamstring injury during training camp, so instead of sitting in the locker room getting it worked on, he's dressing up like Lance "Roid Rage" Armstrong and drawing all of the media to him. What a *Bleep* jerkoff. If this was 20 years ago, Parcells would've had him taken out by Roy Williams.

But, I digress. Drew "Step, step, sack" Bledsoe threw 3 INTs opening weekend, which began the debate of whether or not he should be benched. So why NOT go to TO media? That's fine. I understand why it's done (as a member of the media myself). He says he has no comment at this time. But mind you, but saying "he's not saying something" mean's he wants to say something, just come back in a few days when Drew doesn't throw him the ball.

Every time I listen to Terrell Owens speak or watch him play the game, I ask myself one question: "Where have the Chuck Cecil's of the world gone?" You know, the "lead with the helmet, *Bleep* you" kinda guys. Why doesn't Urlacher rip this guy's throat out of his *Bleep* head?

Hey TO? You want the ball? *Bleep* you jerkoff.

I'm sick of these crybaby BLACK millionaires, and allow me to emphasize that part, the BLACK millionaires, who bitch and *Bleep* complain about how they should be paid more money, blah blah blah, and how they're put down and cry *Bleep* racism, blah blah blah. *Bleep* YOU! Bitch to a reporter whose probobly making $30K, working 300 days a year, and has a wife that nags the sh*t out of him jerkoff. While you go off making $9 mil in your bently and bang bitches. I *Bleep* hate you. Yes, you're a "well to do" black guy. I mean, it's not like you went to SCHOOL and got an EDUCATION you "hoop it up" or "rap" or "catch the football."

Pretend you're one of us for a minute and SHUT UP AND DO YOUR *Bleep* JOB! Or someone WILL slap you back down to reality.

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The TO tried by failed to kill himself, but I wish he did. What an attention-craved pain in the ass?

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I don't think he's just an average narcisist. I think he's got serious mental problems, and the NFL needs to intervene, IMO.

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jchagan wrote:
I the NFL needs to intervene.

How? Hire him a babysitter, a shrink or tell him to use a gun next time?

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They need to have an unbiased psychologist seriously evaluate him. They take so much pride in athletes not using drugs or steroids or otherwise harming the reputation of the league through absurd touchdown celebrations, they might as well make sure there are no nutcases on the field.

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