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A Preventative for California Fires
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Every year, it's the same old thing: fires in California burning million dollar houses. Winter rains follow, and mudslides bring other homes down. There's nothing new about this, or the idiocy of Californians to build in such dangerous places. After the disasters, insurance and government disaster aid encourage people to rebuild. (Same goes for hurricane-prone zones.)

But what is particularly tragic about this, is the death of four fightfighters, with another who could die from burns, in a fire that was set.

I have a solution. If someone is seen setting a fire, they should be shot on sight. For those caught later, the death penalty should be imposed, by burning at the stake. I suppose "fire bugs" would come to watch. That should send them a message.

The namby pamby compassionistas will say that arsonists are sick individuals and need "treatment." Forget that. What about the heartache and pain caused in the victims of arsonists? You can bet there are increased rates of suicide and lives shortened by the stress of going through such a fire, even if no deaths are caused directly.

Though the arsonists may not intend to kill, fires are so dangerous, with such a high risk of causing death--to civilians or firefighters--the death penalty is a reasonable sanction.

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