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Disaster-Loving News Media
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Post Disaster-Loving News Media 

Do people working at CNN or FOX News or NBC News or CBS News or ABC News or MSNBC or any other news channel LOVE another 9/11 attack, another Katrina, another space shuttle failure, another war? You bet they do. If you don't believe this, just watch the James Bond movie "Tomorrow Never Dies". It is about a media mogul who created a war conflict between UK and China so that his news channel could have something to report. If al-Qaida pulls off another 9/11, don't be surprised to find out that CNN is funneling money to them.

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Post News maggots 

Hey Frasier,

I wouldn't take James Bond too seriously. I found a glacier load of geographical and scientific errors in "Die Another Day."

I have encountered none in the conventional media so evil as to welcome, or initiate a horrific disaster to sell newspapers, or commercials. The media are so fractured today, few have the power to do such a thing. And why would the media do this anyway, whether to cause or welcome a disaster? Tens of Millions of Americans are so gullible they swallow "docu-dramas" or pure fiction as fact. More millions waste their lives on sophomoric and vulgar sitcoms and network-manipulated "reality" shows. And I didn't even mention sports. These shows are gradually anesthetizing Americans to the things that matter, filling out hearts and minds and time with things that don't.

But when disaster strikes, the news media types flock to it like flies to road kill.

Of course, there was a time when your premise was possible. In the days before newspaper photography, an artist for William Randolph Hearst told him he was coming home, as there was no war in Cuba. Hearst reportedly told the artist: "You provide pictures, I'll provide the war." The rest is history.

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Maybe, maybe not, but it doesn't stop them from presenting their own slant/spin on a story when in reality it may be something completely different just to keep a story in the news for ratings, sell papers, etc.

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