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"God bless the USA" patriotism poisons church
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Post "God bless the USA" patriotism poisons church 

Is this politics or religion? They don't mix well in this current culture.

But they did once. Neither the "separation of church and state" radicals nor the current denizens of the White House will tell you of the "Black Regiment" of colonial days. This was the label attached to the ministers of all denominations who preached for a break from England. Some even took up arms, but King George trembled at their sermons.

Today, the majority of clergy who criticize the Bush Administration are predominately "liberals" who deny the veracity of the Bible, and denigrate the power of God. The "Christians" who oppose the war are mostly members of their congregations.

Conservatives, evangelicals, fundamentalists--call them what you will--have abandoned the Bible, at least the parts they find inconvenient. They wallow in the swill of tele-preachers who beat the war drum and back their darling "born-again" president. These people sing "God Bless America," and ignore the hegemony of their favorite country, the blood-soaked regime of Zionist Israel. Some of these fools even welcome war in the Mideast as a harbinger of Armageddon. That's when Gabriel's trumpet will sound, they'll all zoom up to heaven, and poor unrepentant saps will be left behind to clean up the mess.

But it's a mess that these fools have made. Most conservative America Christians belong to the "Cult of Romans 13," which they believe compells them to obey the government, come hell or high water. But this government is taking us to hell, if it doesn't drown us first. (Ask the people of New Orleans about that.)

Hypocritical presidents are happy to exploit these heretics, by making pro-life, pro-family, pro-Christian speeches in public. But behind the scenes they are working to tear down the very principles they publicly claim to uphold. Bush II has hosted a porn star in the White House, twice. Why? She's a Republican. Bush embraces radical homosexuals. Why. Because they're Republicans, too. Party and power, mixed with the poison of "God bless the USA" false patriotism, trump principle.

This is why politics and religion don't mix today.

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well said!

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