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Incest at NPR/PBS
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Ray Suarez, a dull host of PBS's Lehrer hour, and NPR's American RadioWorks has written a book, "The Holy Vote." which purportedly "examines the way Americans worship, how organized religion and politics intersect in America, and how this powerful collision is transforming the current and future American mind-set."

I've heard Suarez discuss his book, and I might even read it, though I hope he has a good editor to clean up his dull diction. But I am disturbed, as I hear Suarez make the National Public Radio talkshow and news circuit. His book has been in book stores for two days, and already I've heard him two or three times on NPR. He's walking the "you scratch my talkshow, I'll scratch yours" trail on public radio and TV.

If you listen to NPR, or watch PBS, you hear the same voices, see the same faces. And for all that vaunted "balance" and "objectivity," leftwingers are moderate, moderates are conservative, and real conservatives need not apply. The "usual suspects" travel from the Newshour, to Talk of the Nation, to Now, to Fresh Air, to All Things Considered, to Charlie Rose, to Tavis Smiley, to Morning Edition, and 'round and 'round the incestuous merry-go-round goes. At least we won't have to hear Suarez on Car Talk. (I hope!)

Everybody has connections, and everybody is told to use your connections, but there's just something fishy about a working newsman on PBS/NPR writing a book, and then making the PBS/NPR circuit.

Especially on news media that receive tax funds.

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