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Demise of MSNBC - Liberal Media Never Last
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Post Demise of MSNBC - Liberal Media Never Last 

MSNBC is closing its NJ headquarter and laying off over 700 employees. Even with heavy hitters from the left like Chris Mathew and keith Olbermann, MSNBC has been trailing FOX and CNN at the distant 3rd place. They used to have an evening full of programs. Now, only Olbermann at 7 and Joe Scarborough's show at 8 PM are left. Nothing to watch after 9 PM which is considered prime time for other news channels. The other day I was surfing channels, they were showing a disgusting guy with a face full of tattos. Perhaps they were hoping to get some viewers with something so distasteful.

I bet Keith Olbermann needs to find a job soon. Olbermann, the counterpart of Bill O'Reilly, has been feuding with O'Reilly for a long time and it has become a regular part of his show. Now the feud is about to end. O'Reilly's rating is as high as a TV show can get.

Why the liberal media can't do well? First Air America went bust, now the MSNBC. On the other hand, Fox is doing extremely well and Rush Limbaugh is raking in cash like he eating at the Old Country Buffet.

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The answer's simple, WhatsUp.

Liberal talk radio doesn't succeed because talk radio appeals to folks looking for an alternative voice, not the same ol' stuff they get everywhere else.

The mainstream establishment media is overwhelmingly liberal. Whether it's the New York Times, the Minneapolis Star Tribune, the Washington Post, the Boston Globe, NPR, NBC, ABC, CBS, or CNN, they are all liberal. That voice is out there and easy to find.

Talk radio, and to a lesser extent the blog sites, has fostered an audience by highlighting alternative voices that don't reach people any other way. Thus, the popularity of conservative voices in talk radio and on Fox News (although Fox is really not as conservative as people believe... they hire a couple more token conservatives than the other 'nets, but their headlines still pretty much follow the NYT status quo. What Fox IS, is somewhat balanced as opposed to always leaning left.

Also, Air America was a political, not a commercial, effort, which is why it failed.

It was built from the ground up to help liberals win elections, not garner Arbitron ratings.

By contrast, Rush, Hannity and others in talk radio have succeeded by being ratings successes, keeping affiliates happy, drawing advertisers, etc. They were built to achieve commercial success, not just to influence elections.

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