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Just what was Christ Jesus' Message?
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I am new to downtown Minneapolis.

I was walking on the Nicollet Mall a few weeks ago and I passed a church called Westminster. Their doors were opened. They had a sandwich board sign that said: Open door Day. Come in for a tour. Or to Pray. Or to Rest.

So I went in.

A nice, gray haired lady with a name tag, Nancy, greeted me and asked me if I would have a tour. We walked into the sacred space on a nice carpet.

We turned around and she showed me an elegant window. Nancy said, "That window cost three and one-half million dollars."

I don't know what my face said to her. In my mind, I was trying to think of the things the Christ Jesus taught. I couldn't find anything in my mental Rolodex about spending huge sums of money on a window. I thought he was all about feeding other people and stuff like that. Then I thought, well, maybe all the workers they paid to make that beautiful window used that $3,500,000 to feed others and stuff like that with.

I looked at Nancy. I didn't really know what to say, yeah or nay.

Nancy looked back at me, as she gently guided me back out the door on the red carpet. Nancy said, "Oh, we DID spend $420,000 on Habitat for Humanity too."

I echoed the things she had told me: "$3,500,000 for a window and $420,000 for Habitat for Humanity."

I thanked her and left the church. I had five bucks. I gave it to the guy playing the saxaphone in the alleyway. "God bless," he said. "Yeah, you too man," I replied.

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Post Religious Machine 

Religion has been a capitol venture for quite some time now, at least organized religion. Its a scam. Just as an example, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Jesus didnt need a gold challace for the last supper. Im sure if Jesus wanted to he couldve charged for miracles and been rich, church is where you choose for it to be. God is supposed to be a supreme being, creator of time and space, the day he gives a flying *Bleep* about a 3.5 million dollar window is the day I tell him to go *Bleep* himself before enjoying an eterinity of torture in hell. God needs you to impress him with a 3.5 million dollar window like dad's need shitty ties on father's day.

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